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January 2016


Completed the Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 for a large relief organization in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, the first Dynamics NAV installation in that country.



December 2015


Concept and design of an automatic conversion of inventory items into fixed assets for a leading aero communications service provider in Chicago, IL.



May 2015


Completed the Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 for a sports and concert ticket whole saler in Carson City, Nevada. Connected the NAV system to an online marketplace. NAV now automatically processes hundreds of daily ticket purchases, sales, and payments as well as cancelations. Turned off the NAV inventory module and developed a proprietary inventory cost handling in G/L only.



April 2015 


Completed the Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 for a perfume whole saler in Miami, FL. The company owns two subsidiaries who both purchase into and sell out of the same inventory stored in the same warehouse. Dynamics NAV was set up in a way so that each company can sell out of the combined inventory of both companies. Developed a NAV modification for inter-company sales that automatically transfers cost, posts payables and receivables, and charges the selling company with an inter-company markup.  



December 2014


A biotech manufacturer in San Diego, California asked for help with the NAV manufacturing planning functionality. The company manufactures a large number of small items, making manual planning too time consuming. I developed a function that recalculates the Reorder Point and Reorder Quantity for Items with a fixed reordering policy. For items with a Lot-for-Lot reordering policy, the same function also generates productions forecasts based on last 12 Months of sales or consumption. The more accurate planning helps to reduce cash tied in inventory.



October 2014 


A biotech manufacturer in San Diego, California, needed help with their Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 installation. I catalogued a host of undocumented NAV software modifications and NAV add-ons present in their system. The company now has an overview and is able to decide which NAV add-ons and which NAV modifications they want to keep before upgrading NAV.



June 2014


Developed a proprietary Lot management solution in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 for a textile whole saler in Lafayette, Indiana.



March 2014


A leading US manufacturer of pre-manufactured homes set up 42 companies in their Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 database to represent each sales office, plus two additional databases for their Canadian and UK subsidiaries. I designed a one-click NAV financial consolidation.



November 2013


The world's first manufacturere of non-mechanical water meters in Mansfield, Texas, asked me to design a series of custom reports in their Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Finance, Warehouse, Sales, and Manufacturing modules.



October 2013


A manufacturer of oil drilling platforms in Kristiansand, Norway, was aquired by a US company. The parent company asked me to prepare their new subsidiarie's NAV 5.0 system for financial reporting in US Dollars while the operating currency was to remain Norwegian Kroner.



September 2013


A Microsoft Partner sub-contracted me for NAV development work to prepare California's largest food bank for an upgrade from Navision 2.0 to NAV 2013 R2.



July 2013 


The largest food bank for Pennsylvania and New Jersey set up their own supermarket for subsidized food. I wrote a plan for the data interchange of the supermarket's point of sale system with the food bank's Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 system.



March 2013


An international leading provider of sports marketing data in Cologne, Germany, decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 in Germany, the US, and India. I developed modifications to the NAV Jobs module that allowed the co-ordination of project data between the three countries.



October 2011


An innovative manufacturer of electric city buses in Greenville, South Carolina, needed help with their Microsoft NAV 2009 R2 financial reporting. I corrected the Chart of Accounts for structural mistakes and set up financial reports using Account Schedules.



June 2010


Started PaulsenConsult, LLC offering Microsoft Dynamics NAV consulting services on a free-lance basis.



May 2009


The sales office in Milano, Italy, of a Wisconsin biotech manufacturer found inventory value discrepancies between the inventory and G/L modules of their Navision 3.7 database. I designed functions to correct Value Entries to G/L for closed fiscal years.



April 2009


The proprietary point of sale system of a Wisconsin biotech manufacturer lacked the ability to combine shipments. I developed a combine shipment functionality for the POS module in Navision 3.7.



October 2008


A Petaluma, California cosmetics manufacturer was acquired by a public company and had to prepare their Navision 3.7 installation for a SOX audit. I cleaned up, catalogued, and documented all Navision procedures, add-ons and modifications.



September 2008


Completed a six year run as internal Navision administrator for a Munich, Germany, biotech research company with two US subsidiaries. Developed all Navision modifications, including financial and Job data consolidations. Performed all updgrades from Navision 2.0 to Dynamics NAV 2009. Passed Navision through two SOX audits.



September 2001


A biotech research company in Munich, Germany, acquired a subsidiary in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I intregrated all modifications of the German Navision 2.0 database into the new US database.



May 2000


A manufacturer of hard-cover book backs in Norfolk, Virgiania installed Navision 2.0, which does not have any manufacturing functionality. I developed a simple make-to-order manufacturing solution for six machines and a one-step routing.



November 1999


The Washington, D.C. operator of gift shops in national historical monuments asked for a point-of-sale system connected to their Navision 2.0 database. Budget restrictions did not allow for the purchase of a standard POS system. I developed cash register functionality for the Navision 2.0 client, serving as POS machine.



June 1999


Completed Navision Developer Certification for the United States in Atlanta, GA.



September 1998


Completed Navision Developer Certification for Germany in Hamburg, Germany.

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