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G/L Register by Posting Date

When you print the G/L Register report, the report sorts by the G/L Register No.

In the following example, we printed G/L Register numbers 107 and 108. The report shows 107 first, then 108:

Dynamics NAV - G/L Register Report Dynamics NAV - G/L Register Report

However, G/L Register 108 was posted to a posting date in the past, preceding the posting date of G/L Register 107.


Sometimes you want to use the G/L Register report to print all registers for a period of time, and you want the registers sorted by posting date.


Here is a version of the G/L Register report that sorts by posting date. It prints the same two registers, but it prints 108 before 107. This way you can print all registers posted to a given period of time.

Dynamics NAV - G/L Register Report, sorted by Posting Date Dynamics NAV - G/L Register Report, sorted by Posting Date

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Author: Thomas Paulsen

Published: 18-Feb-2012

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